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Traveling Photography–Cambodia Part I–Calgary Photographers–Yueko Image

Cambodia, I am finally here!  There were many times that I dreamed of touching the magnificent carvings on the stone, hearing beautiful laughs from the village kids and seeing bright smiles of Cambodian people. I am finally here! Cambodia didn’t let me down. I saw everything I dreamed and more. I can’t express my feelings about this country . People are so poor but  content! Little kids gave me beautiful smiles when I handed them candies; locals were excited to watch a soccer game on the black and white TV. I didn’t  dare to complain about anything, because life is so beautiful…This is part I of Cambodia, and there are more to come…also more countries to come…only if I find time to put them on…

If you enjoy our photos…we would love to see your comments! Cheers…from Ken and Vivian

A beautiful, but isolated floating village on Tonle Sap Lake


Watching three smart kids catching fish–they did get a lot

He said he is 14, but he looks like 9, works like 20.

We finally found the village, this is Cambodia’s dry season, so we had to walk into the village

It is a totally different kind of world, but everyone still loves ice cream, no matter where they live

A young sister and her brother patiently waiting for their parents to return from fishing

This school has 700 kids, half the kids attend the morning classess and the other half go in the afternoon

Can’t help to capture this cute baby…who is one year old

Stop fighting for the candies…!

His mother told me, the key on his neck will keep away evil spirits at night…

Captain of our boat…what a good looking young man…he barely smiles, but excellent at posing!

Waiting for the sunset on the lake

Of course, Ken is always sleeping…

Golden water…the first time ever, I couldn’t tell the sky from the lake

North gate of Angkor Thom

Preah Khan Temple

Amazing carvings…more to come…including sexy lady carvings!

A poster card photo opportunity, I am not going to let this one slide…

But why is she so sad…I gave all my candies away!

I find these little things everywhere…just to share!

I tried to include a monk in my temple photos, but there was none due to the big rain…so I put myself in the photo!

Ken didn’t like his hair style in this photo…but you can’t blame him, we were soaking wet from the thunderstorm

So amazing…I just have to jump…almost twisted my ankle!

Beautiful ladies dancing in the rain…how come they were able to maintain gorgeous hairstyle!




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