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Most memorable moments – Zack:

1. Seeing Sara come around the corner for the first time at the ceremony. It was the culmination of so much work and emotions, and it was amazing.

2. Hearing Sara pour her heart out in her vows. It was truly so special and memorable, and made me feel like it was just the two of us alone on the shore of the lake.

3. Listening to the speeches from our loved ones. I loved hearing their words: humorous, heartfelt, and everything in between.

Most memorable moments – Sara:

1. Walking down the aisle – seeing Zack for the first time and how emotional it was, and getting to share that emotion with my parents before the moment and in the moment. I know there were many people looking at us three making our way down the boardwalk, and it felt like it took forever to make it to the end, but I never once noticed anybody but Zack that entire time and I will never forget that connection we had, just us two seeing only one another.

2. Our ceremony and vows. It was a very emotional experience and again, it felt like it was just the two of us except times when our ceremony was “interrupted” to include others. I very much enjoyed getting to share a special moment with my grandparents when we called them up to witness the signing of our register and with our dog, Bentley, when he was called up to bring the rings. But most of all, it was special to just share the moments of the ceremony with Zack.

3. How happy I felt to finally be able to call Zack my husband and our kiss before being introduced as Mr. & Mrs. … it felt like it took an eternity to get to that culminating point, but it was amazing.


We felt privileged to be able to go to Mexico (Mayan Riveria) for a week immediately following our wedding…we really needed to just get away and spend time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company after the stress of the wedding was finally over. We hope to go on a “real” honeymoon one day (maybe in a couple of years time) to Borneo/Sumatra to be able to fulfil a shared dream of seeing orangutans in the wild.

Wedding advice

Weddings these days seem to be about the décor, the food, the dress–everything a wedding isn’t actually about. At the end of the day, none of those things matter. Ensure the centerpiece you focus on throughout your entire wedding experience (from engagement to wedding night) is your love, not one that decorates a table. Without the focus being on the couple, their connection and the celebration of their love, it isn’t really a wedding at all.

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