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How did you meet? How did you start dating?

1) We met in 2010 at the Calgary Zoo when Zack brought Sara in for an interview! Needless to say, she got the job. Hahah 😉 … We were always drawn to each other, but kept things *mostly* professional until Sara moved under the supervision of a different manager, and pretty much right after that, we started dating. 🙂 … Our first date was on May 12, 2011 at Limerick’s Pub.

What was the most romantic thing she did / he did?

2) It’s hard to pinpoint the most romantic moment. Although the day we got engaged was very romantic, we are not “hopeless romantics” and believe in everyday romance: simple words and gestures that say “I love you” and show each other that we care. Sara loves to cook fancy dinners for Zack from time to time and he buys her flowers once and a while… 😉

How did he propose? Was he romantic?

3) Zack proposed on October 25, 2014. He sent Sara on a “scavenger hunt” of sorts to 8 different locations in and outside Calgary that hold meaning in the context of our relationship. These locations included all of our family members’ homes, so Sara was able to see and celebrate with her and Zack’s immediate family members throughout the day. She spent the day travelling around with her sister, who was her chauffer and source of comic relief amongst all the tears (of joy!). Sara knew that Zack was going to propose immediately after opening the first envelope, so it was an emotional day right from the get-go. He got down on one knee (shortly after having major surgery on it) at the location of our first date. It was the same booth we sat in and everything! The 8 different clue cards that Zack wrote and hid at each location held the most thoughtful and sweetest words ever, so it was definitely the most romantic day!!! 🙂

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