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How did you meet? How did you start dating?

We met through a mutual friend in University. We always saw each other at gatherings and events but we never really talked. A few years later we met again and this time we clicked and Chris asked a friend for my number. We started talking all day every day. Haha During Christmas I got him a card and small gift and apparently he thought it was super sweet and offered to bring me to dinner. 

What was the most romantic thing she did / he did?

Chris is very forgetful and we never celebrate monthiversaries but he surprised me once by remembering the day and cooking a lovely candle light dinner from scratch. 

On my birthday Rolene filed my room with balloons and made these scratchcards to reveal cute messages and redeemable coupons.  

How did he propose? Was he romantic?

First off, nothing went as planned! haha story of my life! Chris was going to propose to me by inviting me over to build a snowman but unfortunately most of it melted the day before. Instead he went out to purchase a magazine and found a ring advertisement and attached the actual ring in it. He did a really good job of blending the physical ring into the image on the ad. I was completely oblivious of the  magazine on the table that was clearly not his type of reading and it wasn’t until the end of the day I decided to pick it up and read through it. I got distracted and didn’t reach the page with the bling in it. Eventually he pretended to accidentally flip to the page and I noticed the ring!! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! ^_^V  

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