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Phong & Michelle’s Enagement Photos_Fish Creek Engagement Photos

Can you share with me how you two met and how it began?
We first met at work, I was already working at the office when Michelle joined our team. I had helped her with training and adjusting to the new work place. Because of our similar interest in food we began sharing our favorite places and trying out new restaurants. After few months, we were out shopping and I had picked up a rubiks cube and we made a bet that if I can complete it in two minutes then Michelle had to take me out for a dinner and a movie….I won 🙂 
Also so how long have you been dating ?
We’ve been dating for 3.5 years. 
What was the most romantic things he/she did?
Michelle: On one of my birthdays, we had gone out with my friends for dinner where Phong had arranged the whole evening. After an amazing dinner, he had brought a homemade rice-cake cake. He had noticed that on birthdays our family had celebrated with a Korean tradition of having a cake made from rice-cakes. Not only had he gone through all the trouble and research, he had to make it three times just so that it was perfect for the night. 
Phong: The sweetest thing Michelle does for me is hand write cards on special occasions and on random days. Each and every single card is filled with the sweetest and positive messages that make my day even when I go back and read it. Also, she picks out the most unique & tailored card for me, like bacon and eggs “together we are sizzilin’! “.  
How did he propose?
 Phong had asked me what I wanted to do on the weekend. He suggested canmore, Banff, and Edmonton(for bubble tea…). Since we enjoy going to one of the restaurants in Banff I decided on Banff. One of our favorite things to do in Banff was to visit the candy store but because the building was closed do to construction, Phong had suggested we try something else. He mentioned that it would be good for us to try out the gondola, especially when its the last day for winter rates. On the day of, we went up to the mountains and I had been preoccupied with a brand new selfie stick Phong had bought, which did its job by keeping me occupied and clueless. We approached an open area outside surrounded by mountains and had taken some pictures. I was checking out the pictures we had just taken when I noticed Phong had disappeared. I turned around to find him down on one knee holding the ring. He popped the question, I said “really?” and started to run around in excitement then said “yes!” but still ran around. Eventually, Phong had to get up to catch me to put the ring on.  

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