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1. What were the top three memorable moments on your wedding day? Why?
1. Nothing has ever been more beautiful to me than seeing my wife’s smile for the first time in her wedding dress on our wedding day. It was better than I dreamed it would be. She radiated with love and seeing her smile made me want to make her smile like that everyday for the rest of our lives.
2. Our first dance to the song Heaven. It is the song we fell in love to and we danced to it over and over and over again when we were first together.  It brought me back to the beginning and how infatuated we were with each other.
3. It was great to see the happiness and awe of our families at our wedding. They were so happy that Missy and I found each other and they know we have an amazing love. They were astounded by the scenery and beauty of Lake Louise and we knew we had succeeded in giving our families the gift of a fantastic vacation.
1. The first thing that comes to mind are my two children. As I came up the stairs right before the ceremony, I met my son Cole who was waiting to walk me up the aisle. I was a bit nervous for only a moment and first he said “Mom, you look so nice” and then he gave me a pair of the king queen shirt pack as a gift as an inside joke he knows we have and it was sych a good memory.  It was refreshing to hear from him and easy to relax and walk right in to enjoy the moment.
Then, shortly after the ceremony formalities, the harp player started playing “what a wonderful world” and it was even more moving while we were surrounded by such unbelievable beauty. Music has always meant so much to me so it was hard not to be moved to tears, then I looked at my daughter Elle, and she was shedding plenty of sweet tears. I asked if she was ok, and she said “yes, I’m sorry to cry, but I’m just so happy”.
2. I remember not being able to contain my smile while Adam and I were looking at the other patio of our wedding ceremony suite and seeing our families laughing and having a great time with each other. It was one of the things we had hoped for since it was hard to get to know each other very well prior, since everyone lived states apart. We dreamed of a “bucket list” kind of time for our family and loved that they all seemed to enjoy their time there. Every positive comment melted me.
3. The dancing is always my favorite! I love music (obviously) and I love to dance, and my entire family got to dance with their spouses to songs that meant so much to them. Despite dancing hundreds of times to “our song” prior to our wedding night,  I won’t soon forget dancing with Adam in our wedding attire with our family surrounding us and the mountains and other beauty overwhelming us.
2. where are you going for your honeymoon? Any special reason for going there?
We thought we had a plan but after spending time in Banff National Park, we are having a hard time deciding, there are not many places that can top it. 

3. What are the best wedding advices that you want to share with other couples?

Missy: Make your wedding exactly what you want it to be. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or might think. Make everything have meaning, if it doesn’t have meaning, don’t waste your focus, time, or money on it.

Adam: Groom’s make sure to take every chance to tell your bride how beautiful she is that day because she will only wear that dress and that smile once and she will remember how loved she felt that day for the rest of her life.

Adam Palczewski - August 11, 2017 - 2:21 am

Vivian and Ken were so fun to work with and they were committed to capturing our wonderful memories at our wedding. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with their energy, professionalism and how hard they worked to give us the best photographs they could. I just want to give my sincerest thank you to Ken and Vivian for a fantastic experience.

Melissa McIntosh - August 10, 2017 - 9:44 pm

Ken and Vivian are the best and so fun! Thank you so much for being a part of our most amazing day! I would hire you for every photo that I want for the rest of time!

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