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How did you meet? How did you start dating? Greg and I first met back in 1998, when Greg joined Track West (the same track team I belonged to).

Our relationship / friendship blossomed and a bond was formed between us. We spent a lot of time together until about a year and a half later when Greg left the track team to focus more on football. We tried to stay in touch but back then it was not as easy as it is today.
Fast forward to October 28, 2006 at the Road House, Greg and bumped into each other and fell in love all over again, we then picked up right where we left off.
Unfortunately as time passed Greg and I fell out of touch again, we were both so young and didn’t know what we wanted in life.
Greg and I then bumped into each other again in September 2010 at Opa in the 5th Avenue Place food court. When our eyes met, we started talking and the rest is history 🙂

What was the most romantic thing she did / he did?
 How did he propose? Was he romantic? We were in our living room, having a lazy Saturday talking about our up coming move to Houston Texas, when he just said that we should get married. Not super romantic but a unique situation in its own. 

What were the top three memorable moments on your wedding day?

Ceremony, 1st time seeing my wife in her dress
2) Grand Entrance to All Day / 1st dance / girls dance
3) Speeches


Greg’s vows
The speeches
All the tears of joy from basically all of our friends and family

Where are you going for your honeymoon? Any special reason for going there? We went on our honeymoon before the wedding (a timing issue) – we went to Trinidad and Tobago (where I am from). We went there because Greg has never been, for Greg to meet my family and for the Carnival.

What are the best wedding advice that you want to share with other couples?
 Never fight over money, focus on making each other happy.

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