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How did you meet? How did you start dating?We met in the spring of 2007 when Anthony decided to pick up a part time job at the mall for Bell Mobility. We instantly didn’t like each other — Anthony thought Jess was a stiff workaholic and Jess thought Anthony was a spoiled brat. Although we made friends as coworkers, there was no intention to make it anything more, and we kept in slight contact afterwards, sending the occasional message to each other about major life events.

Five years later in 2012, where both of us were easing into our careers, Anthony was coming back from a vacation in Florida when he decided to call Lisajess to see if she wanted to be his date for a birthday party and a movie. During the movie, Jess tiredly rested her head on Hus shoulder and, being a guy, Anthony freaked out and recontemplated life; on the other hand, Jess doesn’t even remember this. The rest is history, Anthony started pursuing the idea of a relationship that involved going to the gym, and leaving everything behind to go with Jess to travel in Hong Kong and China for 2 months.

What was the most romantic thing she did / he did? The most romantic thing Jess did was also a very silly prank. She, along with my brother, convinced me that her mom was out missing late one night around midnight. I panicked and raced over to her house to help. I drove up and down her neighborhood blocks scanning for her mom. Finally I decided to pick up Jess from her house so she could help. When I went inside she was holding a beautiful homemade strawberry shortcake. It was a surprise birthday party and her mom, who was home, had helped Jess to bake the cake. I was floored!

How did he propose? Was he romantic? Anthony never could quite find the right time to pop the question. He was neurotic and a perfectionist and so all the worries completely neutered his ability to be creative and romantic. As a result, he worried about the ring and took Jess ring shopping with him instead. Completely unromantic, but he knew she’d be overjoyed at the chance to pick her own ring–and would kill him if he’d picked the wrong one.

What were the top three memorable moments on your wedding day?
1 Watching Jess walk down the aisle and completely zoning out everyone else
2 Our entrance into the reception
3 Getting to perform in front of everyone
1 Tea Ceremony at home with the in laws
2 The maid of honor’s speech
3 The photobooth

Where are you going for your honeymoon? Any special reason for going there? We are actually on our honeymoon right now, we are traveling through Europe. We love traveling and, African safari notwithstanding, this is a place we’ve always dreamed of going to. We both love art and want to see the Louvre and Italy for all of the beautiful sculptures and Renaissance paintings. Paris and Florence are our favorite cities on the trip.

What is the best wedding advice that you want to share with other couples? True love is when your partner makes you better in every possible way. They don’t make you too comfortable or allow you to continue your bad habits, they improve you constantly–they are willing to make changes for you.



Anthony - June 7, 2015 - 6:45 am

Thank you thank you thank you Vivian and Ken! You helped make our day perfect! Thank you so much for capturing every moment and being the fabulous and amazing artists that you are! You’ve encapsulated our dream wedding!

Anthony and Lisajess

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