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Can you share with me how you two met and how it began?
We met through a friend probably at least 10 years ago but we remained acquaintances. Back in June 2012, we attended our friends’ wedding (separately, still acquaintances at this point) and Patrick requested Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight and asked me to dance. That’s how it started. Then our relationship just grew through photography and movies. =)
Also so how long have you been dating ?
We have been together for almost 5 years.
What was the most romantic things he/she did?
Jenny: He set up a picnic in his condo filled with candle lights and cooked a gourmet dinner with wine.
Patrick: She threw me a surprise birthday dinner when I turned 30. It was at a really nice French restaurant and a bunch of my closest friends were there.
How did he propose?
Jenny: We went to Korea together for the first time and when we landed I just wanted to try a whole bunch of street food.  Patrick kept telling me to stop eating so much and it was starting to annoy me but then he explained that we had to go visit his cousin and eat at his new Vietnamese restaurant. When we got there, his cousin greeted us outside then brought us into his restaurant which was really cute and romantic with plants and lights hanging everywhere. He then sat us at a table with a huge vase of flowers and served us some pho and papaya shrimp salad. It was soooo delicious! While we were eating, his cousin said he had to run out for a bit to pick up some supplies. Patrick and I were just chatting and then Patrick asked if I wanted to take a picture together but I wasn’t in the mood so I just suggested that I helped him take a pic. When I got up to take the picture, I saw a sign on the window that said “Jenny, Will You Marry Me?” Even at this point I didn’t register that the message was for me until I turned to Patrick and he was down on one knee holding the ring. I was extremely shocked so I just kept asking what he was doing. He then shushed me so he can talk. It was so sweet ’cause his eyes were starting to water. I said “Yes” of course and what made it extra special was that there was no one in the restaurant but us. Later on I found out that his cousin decorated his restaurant just for the proposal and that the message was supposed to be written on the dessert menu on the wall. When he left the restaurant to go pick up “supplies”, Patrick noticed he didn’t write the message but actually just wrote desserts! In a panic, Patrick texted him and that’s when his cousin had to write the message on the back of a piece of parchment paper which was used for his restaurant’s logo. And he had to run around to other shops just to find a marker and tape. To me, I thought everything went smoothly and I didn’t even notice how nervous they both were. =P

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