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Happy Birthday! My Cute Baby Jayden! Stay Happy Forever!

Being a mom is a harder task, but being obsessed with your own baby is very easy. I often wonder why parents spend lots of money to have portraits of their children…but now I know! As a parent, you just want to record every step of your child and his/her journey in the most beautiful way. We often look back at Jayden’s birth photos ( I was glad that Ken was there in the operating room, but bit offended that he was busy shooting photos than caring about his wife who was bleeding to death….). All these memeories are still vivid because we had many photos of the day, the room, the surgery and our precious Jayden. Therefore, Jayden obviously won’t be able to skip his first birthday photo shoot. He touched snow the first time..and you can tell from the photos…he didn’t find it very joyable. Despite he is one of the happiest babies I have ever met….he barely squeezed a smile for us ….

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