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We couldn’t tell you enough about this amazing and BIG Greek Wedding. Let’s start from the beautiful bride Dominique, who invited 7 beautiful girls as her bridesmaids. The fancy chandeliers (see picture 1) and popping colour at the Greek Orthodox church; super friendly grooms men…( we couldn’t even keep track how many of them ); excellent reception food that made us so full; but nothing can compare to the Greek dance at the end of the night! We were blew away… money was flying everywhere….singing , dancing and drinking. We still joke about how we got tendinitis from shooting the dance and almost killed our cameras and flashes! Now you know why we can’t help to show so many photos from this amazing wedding ! Congratulations Dominique and Louie!

To see Dominique and Louie’s Engagement photos, click here.

Dominique’s  favorite moments were:
1. “when the limo pulled up to the church – the feeling I got was crazy nervous mixed with excitement”
2. “listening to all of the wedding speeches – it was really sweet to hear the nice things our family and friends had to say about us”
3. “the dance at the end – getting wrapped up by the streamers was so fun”

“Wedding advice I would give to other couples would be try to keep the guest list under 200 people hahahah”

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