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Can you share with me how you two met and how it began?

We met through a social media site back in 2003. We sent each other messages, talked on the phone and one day decided to meet up. We meet up for lunch, it went well even though John wanted to hit on the waitress. Couple months later, we decided to go to stampede together, where he asked me out. Unfortunately, our relationship at that time did not work out, as we broke up a few months later but still remained friends. We went through our own separate lives but some where in between we reconnected and the rest is history.
Also so how long have you been dating ?
We’ve been dating for 7 years.
What was the most romantic things he/she did?
Romantic thing he did: I told John that I like the pineapple bun with actual pineapple in it. (He must have thought I was crazy because normal pineapple bun don’t have pineapple). But every weekend when I was working part time, he would bring me a pineapple bun and milk tea.
Romantic thing she did: I love to golf and Dianna took up golfing so that there would be something that we can do together.
How did he propose?
We were in San Francisco. He wanted to purpose on a beach during sunset so he kept track of the time and kept bringing me to the beaches to see the sunset. However, John was too nervous and was not able to pop the question after several days of attempt. It was Sunday and the weather forecast rain for the remainder of the week, so John made a decision to purposed that day. We biked across the Golden Gate bridge and was resting at the end of the bridge, when he pulled out a box and gave it to me. I saw the box and I knew what it was. However, the issue was that because it was a touristy spot, a lot of people were around at that time and I got too nervous and told him to put the box away as I cannot look at it now and will look at it later, when we were more alone. I knew my response ruined his plan. John was disappointed but later that evening we went to Twins Peak over looking the city where he asked me again, when I finally told him yes.
John didn’t want people to know about the real story, so the next day, he went back to the beach, wrote “will you marry me?” in the sand and posted on Facebook to let everyone see and told everyone he successfully purposed on the beach just like he planned.

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