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Crystal and Rannya’s Beautiful Peter Lougheed House Wedding_Calgary Wedding Photographers_Winter Wedding Photography_Heritage building wedding PARTI

How did you meet? How did you start dating?

We first conversed online and met at a chapters/Starbucks. We started dating after we found our common interests : the  love we have for our dogs, science, family and socially observing others (people watching)

What was the most romantic thing he did / she did? How did he propose? Was he romantic?

Rannya Proposed with the help of our youngest dog “Babe” ( 3 lb Maltese). He tied a blue bow around her neck with the ring and asked her to “go see mom”. Crystal wasn’t paying attention so Rannya had to get down on one knee and hold “Babe”  up so Crystal could see and understand what was happening.”It ment everything to me that he also involved our fury family”-Crystal

What were the top three memorable moments on your wedding day?
1 The beautiful bride coming down to be my wife
2 Having breakfast with my brothers and sister-in-law
3  Everyone enjoying themselves by dancing, dancing and more dancing
1 The way he looked at me as I came down the isle
2 Getting ready with my niece Dylan and experiencing the magic of the day through her eyes.
3 How much FUN Every moment of the day was. It was just the best. Can we do it again?

Where are you going for your honeymoon?Any special reason for going there? We are Heading to Tokyo ,Japan. We love big experience Trips. 

What are the best wedding advice that you want to share with other couples? Enjoy every moment. It goes By fast. Breath it all in.

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