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Can you share with me how you two met and how it began?
Stephen and Carrie met at the Canadian Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.  Stephen had joined the academy many years earlier and Carrie was trying out her life long dream of learning Kung Fu. Carrie saw Stephen as the super hot guy who maybe took himself a little too seriously. However, she was completely captivated and thought to herself, “A guy like that must have a very lucky girlfriend” (he didn’t). Stephen noticed Carrie as that girl with super high kicks that teased him in class all the time.

At the annual Kung Fu Academy dinner, Carrie took full advantage of the opportunity to have Stephen see her in something other than over sized, sweaty and gross work out gear.  That night was filled with hysterical laughter, dirty jokes and plenty of flirting after which Stephen finally saw Carrie as the HOT girl with the super high kicks that teased him in class all the time. Thus the first page of the greatest love story ever told was filled with violence and filthy humour.

Also so how long have you been dating ?


We will have been dating for 7 years on July 11, 2018.

What was the most romantic things he/she did?


The most romantic thing Stephen ever did was happily waddle into the Caribbean Sea so Carrie could swim with sea turtles.
The most romantic thing Carrie ever did was constantly make sure Stephen, who couldn’t swim, wasn’t drowning in the Caribbean Sea while swimming with sea turtles.

How did he propose?


On December 4, 2016, Stephen dragged Carrie out of her winter afternoon hibernation nap. He had painstakingly folded clues into origami animals that led to hidden photographs of them with pieces of an address on the back.  When Carrie expressed that she couldn’t bring herself to unfold and destroy the cute origami animals, Stephen notified her he had thought of that already, and had made a second set. When all parts of the address had been collected, Stephen took Carrie to the address (Scotsman’s Hill) at sunset were he proposed on the ridge overlooking the city. He further surprised her with the knowledge that the proposal had been captured on film by a good friend.  Later, two chefs from their favourite restaurant, Bro’Kin Yolk, arrived at their home to cook them a romantic 3 course breakfast-for-dinner meal. While waiting for dinner, Stephen played Carrie a video he had made that showed the process of how he designed her gorgeous one-of-a-kind lotus flower engagement ring, as well as the moment he had asked her parents for their blessing.



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