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How did you meet?

Our mutual friend, Bryan, was hosting a BBQ one sunny April evening. Tammy was running late to the party and when she got there, she was very hungry so she went straight to the kitchen to make a burger and immediately started eating it. Wayne was trying to introduce himself but realized she was enjoying her food too much. It was later on in the evening when they actually got to chat and Wayne knew at that moment that he found a girl that loved food as much as he did.

How did you start dating?

Wayne and Tammy started going out to share their love of food and sports with each other.
What was the most romantic thing she did / he did?

Wayne and Tammy were going to Calgary for a wedding and they decided to make it a trip to the mountains too. Wayne had been teaching Tammy how to skate for a few months now and one of the first things he promised her was that he’d never let her fall. After going to the Lake Louise Fairmont and skating there in the day, they finally made it to the Banff Fairmont skating rink late in the evening. There was no one else there and they were both tired from the day. Tammy was attempting to skate backwards when she lost her balance and nearly fell but Wayne used all his strength, and probably pulled a few muscles, to lift Tammy up and kept her from falling. Knowing that Wayne would sacrifice anything to keep a promise to Tammy was the most romantic thing he can ever do.

It is well known that Wayne loves to cook and Tammy likes eating Wayne’s food. It’s not often that Tammy cooks for Wayne, but there was a period of time where Wayne’s job required travelling to the east coast for weeks at a time, but he was still coming home for the weekends. Tammy realized that Wayne was coming home late at night close to midnight and wouldn’t have any food to eat or have time to cook. She then took it upon herself to go get all the ingredients and then she proceeded to cook a full spaghetti and meat sauce dinner to leave for Wayne for when he arrived late at night. At the end of the work week, Wayne landed, came home exhausted, and was surprised to find this amazing dinner waiting in his fridge still warm from being cooked only a couple hours earlier. He then realized not only how much Tammy cared about helping him out, but he also realized how good a cook she actually is!

How did he propose? Was he romantic?

Wayne and Tammy were travelling to New York for vacation, but had a stop over in Montreal for a few days. On the Sunday of that week in Montreal, they went to the Notre-Dame Basilica to attend the morning mass, hear the organ being played, and to see the beauty of the church. They then stopped around the corner at a little cafe for brunch before renting some bikes and going for a long bike ride along the Lachine Canal. Wayne knew that he wanted to propose at some point along this beautiful bike ride along the water, but he had never been there before so he didn’t know where the perfect spot would be. The trail would take about 2 hours to bike one way to reach the end destination. Wayne wasn’t sure how far they would be able to get while still having enough energy to return, but all he knew was there was a beautiful park at the end of the trail. As Wayne and Tammy continued riding farther and farther Wayne was getting worried and thought about just picking a spot along the way to propose, but Tammy was having so much fun that she insisted that they push on as they were close to the end! It was then that they reached the Rn-Lvesque Park which was a beautiful park surrounded on all sides by the St Laurence River. It was then that Wayne knew this was the perfect spot so he picked a quiet bench off to the side and asked Tammy to marry him. Even though it was quiet, they managed to get some people walking past to take their first photo as an engaged couple. That evening when they returned to the hotel, Tammy found a congratulations care package from the hotel which included a bottle of wine, macaroons, cheeses, and crackers.Wayne and Tammy then spent the rest of the evening telling all their loved ones the good news!

Tammy and Wayne


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