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What are the reasons for you to choose Yueko Image to be your wedding photographer?

​After doing much research and shifting through many portfolios, it was very hard to decide on the perfect photographer to capture our special day. It was exceptionally hard to find two photographers to dedicate a full day to take photos of our wedding from early morning to late night. Thankfully, we saw Yueko Image’s excellent portfolio and their dedication for exceptional quality and we knew that they were a perfect fit to capture our everlasting memories. 

 Why did you choose Lynx Ridge for your venue?

​We went to many venues and the space and atmosphere just didn’t seem right. When we went to Lynx Ridge, something just caught our attention, the ambiance and environment just seemed perfect. We could just foresee an unforgettable ceremony!  

 What were the top three memorable moments on your wedding day? Why?


1 Getting permission from the bridesmaids to see the bride for the first time. All those crazy games we played in the morning with my groomsmen was exhausting but worth all the struggle. 

2 ​Standing at the alter waiting for my beautiful bride to walk out, it was definitely a heartwarming experience when I first saw her walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. 

3 ​Listening to all the wondering speeches prepared at the reception by the groomsmen, bridesmaids and my dad- it was all just so heartfelt!


1 ​The ceremony was definitely a highlight for me, watching all the guests rise for me while I walk down the aisle with my parents and my favorite song, “Perfect” playing in the background was unforgettable. Seeing my future husband waiting for me at the alter and his reaction was a surreal moment, that magical moment will stay with me forever. 

2 ​The abundance of photos taken that day, I never smiled so much in a day! I especially loved taking the fun and adventurous photos with the wedding party.

3 ​Last but not least the reception- from cake cutting to the touching wedding speeches to cheesy games, words just can’t describe how surreal and amazing that night was for me!   

 where are you going for your honeymoon? Any special reason for going there?

​We are planning to go to Southeast Asia specifically Vietnam and Thailand. We have never been and it looks like a relaxing honeymoon spot. 

 What are the best wedding advises that you want to share with other couples?

​Enjoy all the moments of wedding planning, it goes by way too fast. As stressful as the planning may seem, just take it easy as the day will be unforgettable regardless!  

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