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Can you share with me how you two met and how it began?
We met through a mutual friend who had given Mike my phone number. One night, Mike phoned me and he asked if I would be interested in having dinner with him. We met at Ox and Angela’s after work and we got to know each other more. Through our conversations, we discovered that we actually met once before in Waterloo when we were both still studying in university. From that day on, we met up frequently to have dinners or watch movies.  After a Christmas dinner with some friends, Mike was so impressed with how much I ate, he asked me out the next day.
Also so how long have you been dating?
We have been dating for almost 4 years now.
What was the most romantic things he/she did?
Mike has done countless romantic things for me. One of the most memorable moments was when I was post-call from surgery, and I was dead tired and hungry. When I got home, I saw flowers and a lit candle on the dinner table. I was surprised and confused because Mike had not told me about this beforehand and there was no special occasion to celebrate. Mike had prepared me a mushroom risotto with back bacon. lemon tea and pineapples to welcome me home after a long night. He made sure to point out the back bacon, as he prepared a meatless dinner on another occasion and apparently, I was very distraught that time. I was hangry that day and exclaimed “Meeattt….meaaattt…where’s the meaaattt!? I need meeeattt!”. Haha. (I’m not sure that’s quite how it went, but he likes to re-tell the story that way). P.S.  I am always grateful when Mike cooks for me.
Amy‘s life is a series of romantic gestures. However, one of the most memorable ones was when she woke up extra early (and if you knew her, it’s a very big sacrifice for her). She woke up extra early moving things to and fro while I was getting ready for work. Then when I came out, I heard a peep coming from the kitchen. She gingerly lifted my lunch bag and said “I made you a lunch today!” It was adorable. It was the first time she had made a lunch for me and she was very proud. I took a picture but she exclaimed “Nooooo!” she ran into the bathroom and popped out a couple minutes later, all clean just to take a picture. All that work, just to take a picture with my lunch then go back to sleep.
How did he propose?
He had my Godsister, Melissa, organize an “Amazing Race” to celebrate my younger brother’s and my birthday at the end of April. Of course, I did not know that he actually planned the activities with Melissa at the time. He even feigned that he didn’t know the time or place that we were meeting at. That day, we were split into two different groups (guys vs girls) with each team being led by the birthday boy/girl. We had to travel across the city to complete a list of tasks. These included: eating 20 Timbits, eating $10 worth of frozen yogurt, treating people to coffee in exchange for a “Happy birthday”, treating people to ice cream if they would sing us happy birthday, playing “Chubby Bunny”, racing across the Peace Bridge, riding the carousel at Chinook Mall, taking photos with sculptures in downtown. The final destination, which was not revealed until we completed all the other tasks, was at the Calgary Tower. I was told that I would have a face off with my younger brother and no one would be able to help us. I wasn’t told exactly what I would be doing, but that I would have to “look very carefully” for the clues. When I reached the top floor, I was told to walk up the small set of stairs to the mezzanine, where Andrew would be waiting. As I approached the last stair, I saw balloons on the floor with photos strung up between pillars. That was when I knew that this wasn’t a birthday celebration. Mike walked out from behind a folding screen, and proposed to me. I was so surprised.  It turns out, there was no race. The other team (the guys) were actually frantically setting up the place the whole morning/afternoon.

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This is a stunning image! Thank you so much for sharing!

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