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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Noorin and Asif’s East Indian Wedding Ceremony_Calgary Indian Wedding Photography

Vibrant colours, vivid images, beautiful jewelleries, and full of emotions. Welcome to our first traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. Ken and I are still learning different rituals of this amazing culture. Starting form GHARI ceremony with holy water from the Ismaili Jamatkhana; to a mamero ceremony where Noorin’s maternal family brings gifts for bride’s family. We […]

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Amanda and Trevor’s Wedding_Al Azhar Shrine Centre Wedding_Calgary wedding photography

Amanda and Trevor both love movies. They told me that they would love to have a photo that looks like a movie poster. But when I asked them which movie theme do they want, it took them several days to narrow to three movies. Obviously, the photographer made her pick based on how much she enjoys […]

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Amy and Todd’s Wedding_Calgary Chinese Wedding_Forbidden City Restaurant Wedding_Parkdale United Church

This was Todd’s lucky date. He wass not only marrying a beautiful Chinese bride, he also had to demonstrate to the world that he was super capable of caring for her! Starting from eating ‘ authentic’ Chinese food, to dance in the drive way, writing Chinese letter to his bride, and negotiating for a best bride price…at night, he was blind folded and went on his […]

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Chelle and Val’s Engagement Photos_Calgary Fishcreek Park_Calgary Wedding Photography

Once these photos are out, I know Fish Creek is going to be a big hit again. However, I just want to remind everyone who wants to shoot there, timing is more important than location. Let’s talk about Chelle and Val, I almost think Chelle looked like a beautiful fairy in the sunset. What a […]

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