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Elizabeth and Nick and Fish creek Park Family Photo + Engagement Session

We are always interested to find out more about the couples that we photograph, as we get to know them more, it is easier to create something unique and special for them. Here is a very romantic story about Elizabeth and Nick:

Nick and I met through work 7 years ago. We both started at the same time and my first impression was that he was a jerk cause he wouldn’t talk to anybody else but little did I know that he had just moved from nova Scotia and was shy. For the next few years we were both on two different shifts and didn’t know each other really or talk till he got a new position where we both were on the same shift. He started talking to me slowly and actually asked me out twice, both which I declined at the time. However, a few months after I ended up buying the house right next to his and we started talking more till I finally agreed to go on a date with him, hiking in the mountains. We continued to go on little dates and talk and the rest followed. Nick and I have been dating for a little over 2 years now and engaged for over a year.

Nick is always doing little romantic things so it’s hard to choose just one however one sticks out the most and it will cover the last two questions in Nick knew a few months before it happened that he wanted to propose so he patiently waited and planned it out. He knew I loved word games and crosswords so he turned it into a game. About a month before he said OK, I have a surprise for you but you’re not going to get it for a bit.  Instead, I’ll give you a clue a week and you have to figure it out. If you don’t, then on a certain day I will give you all the clues and you can piece it together. So every few days he would leave me either one letter of the alphabet or a date that was special. Of course with all the letters I got, I couldn’t make anything from them by the time valentines day rolled around. So, I got all the letters and I was supposed to scramble them and make out what he was saying. It took me hours of staring at them and yet still got nowhere. When I went into the kitchen he re arranged the letters to spell out will you marry me and waited till I came back in and read it then he got down on one knee alongside our daughter and asked. That’s probably my favorite memory. So that is why it’s my most romantic one so far.

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