Tyson–4 days old_Newborn Photography Calgary

I spent hours editing little Tyson’s photo and I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw few photos of him making funny faces. Obviously, Tyson had no idea why he had to be half naked and exposing himself to me–the stranger. If he could speak, he probably complains why I interrupted his nap, afterall, he only arrived to this world four days ago…I guess he was not over his jet lag yet.  Kim and Mike were calm and great, they were able to communicate with little Tyson by….sticking a finger in his mouth….I can’t believe how effective that method was, worked for every single time .  I wanted to captured different moments of Tyson, not just smiling, but crying, curious and naughty expressions.  Congratulations Kim and Mike!

  • Kelly Stothers

    So Perfect….So Sweet…So Much Love…

  • Jen Ireland

    Ok, I just finished watching a Oprah interview then decided to check Facebook and look at these photos. They are absolutely stunning. I am so in love with Tyson and I haven’t even met him. He is perfect. The pics capture your oozing love for him. Love you guys. Xo

  • Layla Leard

    Sooo beautiful! What a good looking family! Lots of love! Xx

  • Jane Stothers

    Tyson is just beautiful – you are all amazing to have done after being home with him for less than 48 hours. We are all very blessed to have him enter our lives. Just a perfect little baby (with so MANY expressions). Congratulations to all of you and thank you Yeuko Images for capturing the many expressions of our Tyson. Love, Mom

  • Laureen MacKenzie

    Such a beautiful baby. We will all enjoy seeing those amazing expressions grow into thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

  • don giovannetti

    absolutely amazing pics!!! congrats to all.don

  • Louise Dolnik

    Oh My!!! How extremely exciting. You have a beautiful child and my deep congratulations to both of you. And lucky Tyson to have 2 wonderful parents. I cannot wait to meet him – perhaps a trip to Calgary is in order.

    Jane – Grandma!!! 🙂

    Love you all

  • Lynda Giovannetti

    What wonderful pictures. They are perfect. The picture with Tyson in his hat loooking up –so sweet,and the one with his little feet and your hands…just great. The photographer has captured so many expressions on his 4th day of life!!

    All the best,

  • Brooke Thompson

    What a beautiful family! I am so happy for you both and am so lucky to be part of this life experience with you all 🙂 XO

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