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Ken and I have shot in this area many times, but this time, we are spicing up our images with more creativity. We were very lucky to have store owners welcome us to shoot photos inside their stores, which made Helen and David’s photos extra special! Although both Helen and David claimed that they are really shy in front of the cameras and are not photogenic, however, who can really tell from their photos? ^^ I am sure both of them are already prepared for their upcoming photo shoot on their wedding day!!^^

Please feel free to leave some comments!!

  • Mary

    The photos are beautiful!!!:) I especially love the cover/flying windtunnel one:)

  • Natalie

    You look like two young HK models!! My favourite is the one of you two on the Peace Bridge with the bike going by!!

    Congrats you two love birds!!


  • Sophia Ip

    Your photos are very special ,with plenty of nature and art !!

  • Helen

    Thanks so much Vivian and Ken for your efforts and posting the teaser so quickly! The photos are awesome and fresh ^.^ I’m lovin’ them

  • yuekoimage

    Helen and David,thank you for being open minded and willing to try different things. I love the variety we got in all these photos!You two really made it fun for the photographer!

  • Kate N.

    You guys look so cute together. Nice photos!


  • Jenny

    Very beautiful and natural looking pictures! Such good posers =P

  • Philippe

    Les photos sont géniales et les 2 modèles sont des Stars d’un film de HK!!! =)

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