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What were the top three memorable moments on your wedding day?

1 Watching Brittany walk down from the Observatory with her Mom and Dad. Being amazed at both how beautiful she looked AND that she was actually on time!! 😉

2 Getting to share the awesome venue with family and friends. It was the first time most of my family has been to the Banff Springs Hotel. It meant a lot to me to share that with them.
3 How ‘easy’ the day was compared to what I had pictured in my mind… The ceremony, photos, and reception went off so well. I hate being the centre of attention, but I don’t remember being nervous or uneasy at all. Ken & Vivian made Brittany, myself, and our wedding party feel so comfortable for the photos.

1 The weather – it was absolutely beautiful that day; we could not have been more fortunate, especially after the crazy summer weather we’ve had!
2 Having our first dance together – we didn’t know if Jeff would be able to walk on his cast that day (due to his ruptured Achilles tendon only 3 weeks prior) but he managed to go the entire day without using his crutches or even his cane! Jeff hates dancing but he refused to miss our first dance as newlyweds.
3 How emotional my dad was for most of the day – I knew he would cry, but I did not expect him to be so choked up, it was so cute!! I am so glad Vivian captured his “first look” photographs when he came to the hotel room to bring me down to the ceremony.

Where are you going for your honeymoon? Any special reason for going there?

Right now, we don’t have a honeymoon booked/scheduled (which is probably a blessing in disguise with Jeff in a walking cast!) Eventually we plan on going to Africa, so hopefully we will make it there next year once his rehab is complete.

What are the best wedding advice that you want to share with other couples?

Groom: The old saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life” actually starts right after you propose. During the planning process, be there for your bide-to-be. Even if you don’t care about flowers or napkins or tableclothes, be there for her to talk to. Encourage her when she needs some motivation and reign her in when she is going off the deep end. Don’t let her sweat the small stuff, but make sure you help with the big stuff. If all the work gets done before the big day, you can relax and truly enjoy the moment!

Bride: It goes without saying that most brides are going to plan as best they can to make everything in their control on their wedding day absolutely perfect. That being said, it is important to realize and accept that things will go wrong/sideways; don’t stress about these imperfections as this will only distract you from enjoying every single moment of your special day. Remember that only you (and maybe your husband) will notice these imperfections but they will make your wedding day unique and memorable. If you can find a way to laugh about them together, then you know you are meant to be 🙂

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